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Sustainability Planning and Integration Specialist

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By Kim Fowler

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What You Need to Know

Are you going to meet future challenges or be continually run over by them?

The world is integrated—and your decision making should be too.

How are you addressing the replacement of infrastructure, affordable housing, community recreation and economic development needs?

Crumbling infrastructure, an aging work force and climate change will only add to the accelerating rate of change. Conventional decision making processes are and will be inadequate. And given the public is being asked to assume the risks and associated costs, the public must be involved in the decisions, and it can only do so when in full possession of facts.

Are you adapting to changing environmental regulations, social responsibility demands and the need for financial capital resources?

By addressing social, environmental and economic issues at the time decisions are made, sustainable solutions can be found that are cost effective, reduce risk, enhance well being, increase engagement and respect the environment.

More of what you need to know...

PDF Local Government Land Use and Asset Management Planning in BC [ PDF | 225 KB ]
Sample Spreadsheet Triple Bottom Line spreadsheet [ ZIP | 11KB ]
PDF Dockside Lands Redevelopment Project Summary [ PDF | 67KB ]

Taking the First Step

If you can't see the forest for the trees, where are you going?
And how are you going to get there without tripping over the roots?

When working with business or government we begin by identifying and assessing the impacts of each issue. This phase enables individual, collective and comparative analysis—a critical path to determining priorities and finally, developing an effective plan of action.

Kim Fowler not only helps to integrate economic, social and environmental issues but also develops plans with short to long term goals or plans for projects—large and small.

Unique challenges require fundamental change and difficult decisions, which in turn, determine future legacies. When do you want to start?

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About Kim Fowler

Kim is a municipal sustainability expert with a proven record of successfully implementing sustainability frameworks and projects in several municipalities, including the cities of Victoria & Port Coquitlam. She is a former Director of Sustainability for the City of Victoria and a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. Kim is also an appointed member of the Local Government Asset Management Working Group, the BC Brownfield Advisory Group and a former member of Smart Growth BC. Her sustainability work has been published in Leadership Makes a Difference, Going for Green, the Planning West journal and The Story of Brownfields and Smart Growth.

Her design of the Sustainability Initiative for the City of Port Coquitlam integrated 12 land development activities from the corporate strategic level through budget and business planning to individual projects and applications. The Initiative won a Smart Growth BC award in 2006. She project managed the development concept and land sale of the Victoria Dockside lands, which were awarded the highest LEED™ Platinum point total in the world (63 of a total of 70 points) for the first phase of development by the successful land sale developers. The Dockside Green project has won over 20 international to local sustainability awards.